Kings Come Forth

$ 12.00

Kings Come Forth: The Call To Awaken Business Leaders To God’s Kingdom Purpose is your call toward...God’s Kingdom Purpose In Business! Have you ever wondered what God’s purpose is in the marketplace? Do you sense that God can use you in business? The time has come to answer the call and make it happen to build God’s kingdom in business.

Kings Come Forth is your invitation to an exciting business adventure with God. As a modern day king or queen, business leaders have an assigned purpose from God to make a difference in His kingdom on earth. To come forth in the power of the Holy Spirit by fulfilling your God-ordained kingdom assignment, as a business leader in God’s kingdom, can be a most rewarding faith journey with the Lord.

The Call Of Kings Come Forth Includes Understanding:

  • The great distinction of kings
  • The spiritual environment of the marketplace
  • The three offices of spiritual authority in the kingdom of God
  • The king’s anointing and purpose
  • And much more

Answer the call of Kings Come Forth and you will be engaged, encouraged, equipped, and empowered to make it happen building God’s kingdom in business.