The Make It Happen Journey

$ 12.00

The Make It Happen Journey: Creating A Culture Of Empowerment That Reaches People & Unleashes Their Extraordinary God-given Potential is your compass toward...Life-Changing Leadership! Has your leadership become stale? Does it feel dormant? The time has come to leave business as usual and get active—to set off for a journey to Make It Happen.

Gary Borgstede’s The Make It Happen Journey is your road map to an exciting life of servant leadership, service excellence, and team victory. The Make It Happen team value system presented within the book is designed for all leaders charting you on the course to successfully fulfill your organization’s vision and mission. When these values are implemented, you and your team will be inspired and empowered to approach work with enthusiasm, passion, and purpose.

The Make It Happen Team Values Include:

  • Possessing a positive attitude
  • Taking calculated risks in the pursuit of excellence
  • Investing and participating in training in development
  • Celebrating accomplishments abundantly
  • And many more

Start on The Make It Happen Journey and you will create a leadership adventure that turns ordinary performance into extraordinary performance.